***Please read carefully***

Pyre is my first girl to be up for adoption. She is the 4th blythe I have carved.

She is a unique girl with an unusual face up. She has had her nose, philtrum and mouth carved. Her eyelashes have been replaced and her hair has been given several treatments to make it softer because mango hair seems to be quite stiff. I have one in my own collection that is the same way. Then I distressed it. Her face has been sealed with varnish and coated with many layers of MSC. She has 3 sets of new eyechips and her eyes have been boggled. She has sleep eyes with new pull rings. She comes with the headband, dress, socks and shoes shown.

She was a factory doll, and they are not without issues. I want to make sure
you understand fully what you are buying because there
will be no refund on her. I want to fully disclose her issues.

The first issue she has is a small one. When I
distressed her hair I used coffee along with the dye so
she does have a coffee odor. This will dissipate in time. But
I wanted to make sure you knew.

Her second issue is a larger one and as you can see her price reflects it. When I
re-assembled her the eye change was working perfectly. For
whatever reason it is now getting stuck on the brown pair
of eyes. I do not know why. None of my other girls had this
issue. When they get stuck you have to pull quite hard 3 or 4
times to get them to change then they get stuck half way and
you have to help them the rest of the way. The other settings work
perfectly. This happened the first time I put her together
so I changed her eye mechanism completely including
T-bar. It's started happening again with the second one. Beyond that I have done all I could to make her as wonderful and well made as possible in every other way.

Despite these things she is a lovely,
unique girl that would be an interesting addition
to your collection!

If you would like additional pics or have any questions at all about her please don't hesitate to ask!

$250.oo ($45.oo airfare)
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